The Goal of COATI+ U is to enhance your life by giving you the tools you need to shine. We are programmed perfectly when we enter this world, then things change. The spiritual evolution of humanity depends on choices, life's interactions, and our collective and individual responses to all living beings.

COATI+ U's online courses expose areas often overlooked by our rearing giving insights on clearing "your stuff" or negative energetic debris that darkens your body's electromagnetic field. it is otherwise known as, life's baggage. Aren't you tired of carrying it?

If your goal is to lighten your load by freeing yourself from the mental "stuff" that may hold you in it's grip, release and be rid of it, you are here for a reason.

We are all light beings inhabiting a physical body that is not meant to be weighted down with negative debris; our love light is meant to shine. If that statement made you feel uneasy, you have some clearing to do. Love resides in each and is meant, just like energy, to expand.

The teachings you find here are not expensive. They are meant to help humankind and all to have access to thoughts that are mind expanding.


Learn to Love You

Spiritual Growth Depends On You Loving You


Lack of true self love is seen everywhere. This course is where we all must begin. It is about you and your uniquely incredible self. Learn ways to reconnect your understanding of your Being.

You Are Here On Purpose
Clear Out The Stuff In Your Way!


You Came Here for a Reason. Get Assistance to Help you Clean Your Energetic Field. Only You Can Do It For You. Do You Know How? Reduce and Clear Out Negative Debris. It's time to stop carrying your life's baggage.

Finding Your life Baggage
How Do You Find What's Hidden Within?


You are carrying a conglomerate of energy from all your life experiences. Find out how to locate the negative ones you have buried alive through kinesiology and dowsing.

What are your triggers?
Getting Rid Of Your Triggers


Deep seated negative memories have no place in your life, They pop up at the most inopportune times. Learn how to release the ones you have.

Water is A Divine Substance
Water is a Divine Substance


How Clean Are The Waters Of Your Body?

Learn about the mysteries and wonders of water and how water is more than you ever dreamed.

Tesla was right
Energy, Frequency & Vibration


Tesla was right about the secrets of the Universe. Everything is Energy and serves a purpose.

Geopathic Stress Zones

A Geopathic Stress Zone could be lurking in your home or business.


Geopathic Stress Zones cause illness in people, animals and plants. Learn what they are, how to find and clear them.

Sacred Geometry Flower of Life
Sacred Geometry


The ancients knew how to use it and we can too Learn about sacred symbols and how geometry is more than we realize.

Homeopathic Remedies


Homeopathy is an energetic healing modality that works. In this course you will learn about homeopathic remedies, their care and use, recommended books and history behind homeopathy.

The Flowers of Dr. Edward Bach
Bach Flower Remedies


Bach Flower Remedies are a natural energetic healing modality invented by Dr Edward Bach a homeopath in the late 1920s -1930s. They restore balance between mind and body. You will learn about the 38 remedies, how to use them for people and animals.

Lascaux Horses
Early History Through Art


How about a little culture? History through the eyes of antiquity. Ancient architecture, Rock art, pottery, sculptures.


"Beautiful Teacher. Caring and Experienced."

- Jill Basye-Featherston

Lightening Spiritually
Enjoy Life

"You and those like you are helping this planet and its billions of upright inhabitants remember what it is like to live in our hearts, what it is like to love fully and gratefully, what it is like to be cared for."

Serhiy Strazhnik