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Things to always have on hand

The following are a combination of homeopathy and, herbs and supplements. These items are always good to have on hand and many of you may have some of them or all of them. Best to purchase them online from your favorite source. May Creator Be With You All 1. Oscillococcinum - You do not need...


2020 It's Your Ride, Make it a GREAT One!

At the start of a new year, we look forward to open eyes of wonder thinking about the upcoming experiences and events that shape and define our lives. What will you focus on the 365 days? Reviewing the previous year is a custom for many. Whether personal, in business, or both, we see what we...


Collectively We Can Change The World

You Are Far More Powerful Than You Ever Realized! By Robin Coventry Can you picture a world of peace? Can you visualize countries without borders where all people are treated with respect, dignity and love? Our planet has been a battleground for far too long! Too many lives have been taken...